How to offer a hotel night in Paris

How to offer a hotel night in Paris

A gift is reflected, anticipated, chosen. And for something different from chocolates or flowers, you think a trip to Paris might be a good idea. We totally agree. What is more wonderful than gifting memories? So, you are wondering how to offer a hotel night in Paris , and since we totally agree with you, here are some ideas that should be useful to you …😀

Why to offer a hotel night in Paris?

Paris, City of Lights, City of Love

Paris is always a good idea to for a trip. Whether for a cultural, artistic, romantic, or even gastronomic stay. Just as fans of the French Capital will always find what they are looking for in a new visit to the city, those who discover it for the first time will marvel at the architectural treasures on the both banks. Solo travelers such as lovers or families appreciate the many exhibitions, booksellers along the Seine river, lively terraces, or even Haussmann buildings.

How to offer a hotel night in Paris

Secret Destination

If you are traveling with the person for whom the gift is intended, you can organize an entire stay for him/her and keep the destination a secret until he or she arrives in Paris. Imagine, you arrive in Paris and unveil the hotel and the weekend program: exhibition at the Luxembourg Museum on Saturday morning, lunch on a terrace, walk in the Luxembourg Gardens then rue Mouffetard in the afternoon, and finally gourmet meal at Guy Savoy. In the evening, the hotel room welcomes you with a little note, a bottle of Champagne and little attentions. In the morning, breakfast in your room or in the dining room facing the waking Paris, direction the art galleries of the rue des Beaux Arts, then walk along the Seine river, the Pont des Arts and the Louvre Museum. Take a break in a Parisian brasserie, then slowly take the road back to Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de la Cité. Old Paris is at your feet, when Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral looks down on you from all its height. Choose a tea room for a little gourmet moment and return to your train station or airport….

Gift card to use later

You will not be part of the trip? Why not opt for a Gift Card to use later. At the Hotel de Seine, for example, you can use the gift card within 2 years of purchase. Another good idea is to share this gift voucher. Join a group for a more substantial voucher and let the person choose their date and type of room. A nice voucher will be sent by email to your attention or directly to the recipient’s email box. If it is a honeymoon, for example, a money pot may be a good choice since each participant can offer the amount that suits them.

How to offer a hotel night in Paris
How to offer a hotel night in Paris : Hotel de Seine, Paris

Which hotel to choose to offer a hotel night in Paris?

A hotel to offer is a boutique hotel, well located and with good reviews. This last point is essential since it is not the person who will stay there who will choose the accommodation. You can trust the experiences of your loved ones or the opinions of Internet users. The Hotel de Seine enjoys an excellent reputation online and the main compliments are the following ones :

  • Exceptional location in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris
  • 24 hour professional service
  • Quality equipment

Our rooms are all equipped with:

  • Free wifi
  • Individual air conditioning
  • Courtesy tray
  • Bathrobes
  • Private marble bathroom and welcome amenities
  • Quality bed, …

To offer a night at the Hotel de Seine, you can choose to take a gift card, organize a money pot, or contact the hotel directly so that they can help you make a nice surprise for your loved one. 😀

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