Where to find a hotel with good bed in Paris City center ?

Where to find a hotel with good bed in Paris City center ?

Ah… a good hotel, an exceptional location, a professional service… What else ?! Well, simply good bedding! Because this criterion, often forgotten by travelers, is nevertheless essential to the smooth running of a stay. So where to find a hotel with good bed in Paris City center ? the answer is: in the 6th arrondissement, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, at the Hotel de Seine of course! 😀

Where to find a hotel with good bed in Paris City center ?

Good bedding for a good night’s sleep

Have you never heard anyone tell about a terrible night spent on a board that vaguely looked like a bed? There is nothing like it to make you have a bad day. And knowing that your next night will be similar takes away the pleasure of coming back to the hotel. It is essential to choose an establishment offering quality bedding with a firm mattress but a soft welcome. Thus, your back will be maintained and your bedtime pampered. For this, a good brand is essential. A hotel should not save on bedding, and it should be changed regularly in order to keep its promise. When you wake up, you will be smiling and you will be in great shape to explore the city!

Guest reviews don’t lie about bedding

To find out if an establishment offers good bedding, do not hesitate to consult the reviews of the hotel. A traveler who slept very badly will mean it without a doubt. As someone else who had a great night will point out. As we mentioned above, the bed has a direct influence on sleep, and therefore on your overall shape. If a guest wakes up with a sore back, he’ll tell the hotel and will write it in a review.

Let’s take information directly from the hotel

Ideally, if you are really interested in the quality of bedding, you should contact the hotel in which you plan to stay directly. This one will give you the brand of its mattresses and all the information you will need: Is there a mattress topper? Are the pillows made of feathers? Is it possible to replace the duvet with a traditional blanket? Anything that is important to you and that will ensure a good night’s sleep can be discussed with the hotelier himself.

Where to find a hotel with good bed in Paris City center ?
Where to find a hotel with good bed in Paris City center ? – Picture : Hotel de Seine, Paris

Hotel de Seine : the promise of a calm and restful night

A night in the deep heart of Paris

In the very Parisian rue de Seine, in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Hotel de Seine welcomes you all year round for a particularly comfortable city break. Our team, available 24 hours a day, is at your disposal and accompanies you throughout your stay in the center of the French capital.

The very Parisian decoration of the Hotel de Seine goes very well with current comfort. Thus stretched fabrics and medallion chairs sit alongside flat screens and wifi in the rooms and common areas.

As for the bedrooms, all are equipped with:

  • Free WIFI
  • Individual air conditioning
  • Tea and coffee facilities
  • Marble bathroom with Bbthrobes and ALGOTHERM amenities
  • High quality bedding, …

Bedding at the Hotel de Seine

At the Hotel de Seine, special attention has been paid to bedding. Our mattresses are made in France. From the SIMMONS brand and the Suite Memo Hotel model, they are 28 cm thick and feature firm comfort combined with a soft welcome. The perfect combination for a restful and comforting night. Following the request of our guests who particularly appreciated our mattresses and pillows, unfortunately, we inform you that these are mattresses dedicated to the hotel industry. The pillows are from the MOSHY brand and the model is Malaga. You should be able to find them in the shops.

We offer our guests duvets but of course, we can, on request, replace a duvet with a traditional blanket if you prefer.

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