Summer with family, by hotel de Seine

Family activities in Paris
Having holiday break with your family? Looking for activities that appeal to young and old? Paris offers a wide range of possibilities.
Hotel de Seine made a quick selection for you
Let’s start with the parks and gardens that litter Paris everywhere and that can sometimes be real treasures of beauty or just activities that everyone would like!

For example, the Acclimatization Garden offers family entertainment, outdoor play areas, a paddling pool, a fountain, an artificial beach and a zoo. Children can walk freely while having the choice of the activities they prefer. The Park also offers various workshops during the summer (show of guignols, jewelry, objects, cooking …) to share with family.


The Vincennes Zoo which recently re-opened its doors is more enjoyable than ever. You can stroll along a 4km course to discover more than 1000 animals of which more than 100 species represent wildlife.

To continue with the animals, the aquarium of Paris proposes to discover the secrets of the underworld. We stroll in the waters of Metropolis, Overseas and enter the universe of sharks. It’s so impressive!




Have you ever tried cruises on the Seine? Summer is the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of all the most beautiful places of Paris, while keeping one foot in the water. Cruises are really nice and available at all prices at any time of the day.



But Paris is also known for its theme parks. The most famous around the world is Disneyland Paris. Family park with attractions for children, teenagers and adults. You can spend the whole day or the entire weekend there without being bored at all.

The Asterix park is based on a French concept, the story of Asterix and Obelix and their druid Panoramix. Here, we play mainly with the water games!



In Paris, you always end up with a smile!