A Good Ice Cream Near Hotel de Seine

A Good Ice Cream near Hotel de Seine : The Smiths Bakery

Temperatures are very high those days in Paris and everyone is looking for the best way to refresh. What is more enjoyable under 37 ° than a good ice cream ?! While you enjoy your air-conditioned room at Hotel de Seine, you can not resist the urge to walk in Paris. And at the end of the day, back to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you just want an ice cream … Ice cream or sorbet? We give you a few addresses nearby …


Rue de Buci, The Smiths Bakery has a small truck full of Berthillon ice creams, which you can not avoid during a summer stay in Paris. Homemade to taste in a cornet or a pot!


Still in rue de Buci, the famous Amorino, offers many perfumes, even organic! Passion fruit, tiramisu, yoghurt … Choose the size of your cono or coppa and make your choice! The +? You can ask for a macaroon on top!


A Good Ice Cream near Hotel de Seine : Pierre Marcolini
A Good Ice Cream near Hotel de Seine : Pierre Marcolini

Rue de Seine, look for the long line and you will find the Italian house Grom. Granite, seasonal fruits or classic such as Stracciatella or Vanilla from Madagascar. The Perfume of the Month? Meringata all Fragole (with accent!), which means strawberry ice cream and meringue!


Did you know that the chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini, rue de Seine, also makes ice cream? As good as pretty! Jasmine with white meringue and red fruit coulis or matcha tea, yuzu coulis and candied strips of rough-cut orange … Beautiful promises!


Among our habits, we can also recommend the ice cream seller located at the entrance of the Luxembourg Garden, facing the rue Soufflot. It offers many perfumes, including our favorite sorbet, melon! Take your ice cream and settle on the famous green chairs of the Garden, in the shade of a centenary tree … It is summer …


Then, come and rest in your fresh and comfortable room of Hotel de Seine 🙂